Hi !

I am Jaspal from the UK.

Welcome to …… “A FI$TFUL OF DO££AR$” !

Sorry to disappoint you but you won’t find any spaghetti (cow boy) western movies or Clint Eastwood here!
I’m a bit of a “bizzy bee” freak, I love getting involved in “bits & bobs” to make some extra money, particularly online and from the comfort of my armchair.

I deal in stocks and shares (mostly shares listed on the London Stock Exchange) and foreign currency (known as “forex”), on a part-time basis, via the “spread betting” platform, currently spread betting activity is tax free in the United Kingdom.

I aim to list my actual trades here, this is done for educational (and entertaining) purposes only, so whatever you do, please do not follow my trades!

I am not an expert or a guru in financial trading – far from it, so don’t get your fingers (and hands) burnt by following my trades.
You have been warned!
I will not be responsible for any losses whatsoever – sorry!

I only “play” with money I can afford to lose. A sensible “STOP-LOSS” is always set on every trade to protect my capital, so that my “play” can be prolonged a wee bit longer!

Hope you find my website both educational and entertaining!

Do you fancy dealing in stocks and shares?
You are afraid because you have NO experience?
NOT a problem whatsoever!
All you need to do is play the stock market on a “DEMO” account,
without risking a penny of your own money!
You’ll find most MAJOR brokers run a “DEMO” account, including finanacialspreads.com (below)!
Financialspreads are regulated by the “FCA” in the UK,
so you know you are in SAFE hands!
Also, you are on a “DEMO” account so you have nothing to lose!!
HAVE FUN – let me know (below) if you need any further assistance!

I do all my buying/selling of shares through “Financialspreads”!
They are my *FAVOURITE* brokers (and I have had quite a few)!

Some very useful information, for beginners, on “spreadbetting stocks and shares”- courtesy of Financialspreads.

Most brokers have a “demo account” they will let you practice on.
So be a “dummy”, and play on a demo account, demonstrate to “the dummy” that you can master the dummy demo account!

Please feel free to leave any comments/feedback below! Just click on “leave a reply”. I would love to hear from you!
Best wishes.

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